What can I say other than, what an amazing plugin. No matter what kind of network you are running, I dont see how you can go wrong with aqua. The ability to have so many basic but necessary features all in one is almost essential. Its a clean, administrator and player friendly plugin, with little to no issue. Had an issue with the permissions, made a ticket and Activated_ had a new update with the fix out in less than 12 hours. Well worth the $30. Never want to go back to Luckperms and litebans again.
mr2fo - AquaCore Buyer
Amazing plugin, with the fastest support I've ever seen.
Henry A - AquaCore Buyer
This core has everything you need to launch a server. There are a few spelling/grammar mistakes, however the messages are fully customizable, so you can fix them. Everything can be enabled and disabled too. Finally, the support was really fast and good. 10/10
MoonBarc - AquaCore Buyer
10/10 highly recommend this UHC Core. It's one of the best on the market. Extremely user friendly, I was able to get it up and running working perfectly in about an hour. This is my preferred UHC Core now, even though it's in Beta. It's also fairly inexpensive for what comes with the core.
Ian858 - AquaUHC Buyer
11/10 Best UHC Core on the Market, Great and Easy to Config / Understand, Super Cheap for the amount of features you receive with it. Can't wait for further Updates!
ItsEatHam - AquaUHC Buyer
This UHC is outstanding, the developer is very talented and should definitely continue his amazing work. Great plugin. Worth every penny.
Ethan Hill - AquaUHC Buyer